Wednesday, 9 April 2014

New FanPictures of Jamie!!

April 8 on "The Fall" set at night.

April 5 at IFTA 2014 - FanPics and Story Fan.

So me and my friends went there around 10 pm. I wasn’t sure about nothing to be honest, but when we arrived at the hotel there weren’t anyone outside and it was quiet. So I tought is it already finish or? But we asked to the men outside the door and they tell us that the ceremony was still on and that we can wait inside. So we went at the bar in the hall, very nice, and there we saw some fasn waiting too. But quite old. Except for one that was around 15 years old. I saw Michael Fassbender after 20 min coming out from a door near the bar but his bodyguard was pushing him to go back inside and to not take pictures. After one hour, I saw Amelia coming out from the ceremony room and going in front the elevator to go upstairs. So I stopped her and asked for a picture, she was surprised that I knew who she was, lol but nice. She went upstairs another time after that and she was still upstairs when I saw Jamie. It was late 1:40 I was ready to leave and boom finally he went out! He was alone with his 2 awards in the hands, he stopped with a blonde woman for 30 secs and I stopped near to let them finish. But I think he was a bit upset for something, and he looked at me because I had my phone in the hands with a huge smile and after he told me yes? and I asked for a pic (actually I had 2, one with my phone and another take by my friend with my camera). Five seconds after the people in the hall realized who he was and they run there asked him for pics but the blonde girl and him went for the elevator to bring the awards upstairs. (I think it was her manager but I’m not sure) and he said no sorry guys. Than when I saw him coming back and go in the ceremony room I left!

So he took pics just with me. He’s beautiful <3 so this was my night!

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