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New Outtake from Simon Harris Photoshoot - 2001

New/Old Picture of Jamie on "'Fifty Shades of Grey" Set - February 2014

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New/Old BTS Video from of Jamie in 'Marie Antoinette'

Nuevo/Viejo Video BTS de Jamie en 'Marie Antoinette'.

New Tagged Picture BTS of Jamie & Dakota from "Today Show"

Nueva Foto Tagged BTS de Jamie & Dakota en Today Show.

Master Post HERE.

Jamie is #2 on IMDb Starmeter

Jamie es #2 en IMDb Starmeter.

Due to release of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trailer Jamie ranked #2 on IMDb Starmeter this week. - Debido al lanzamiento del Trailer de "Fifty Shades of Grey" Jamie fue ranqueado #2 en IMDb Starmeter esta semana.

Visit his page in IMDb Jamie Dornan. - Visita su pagina en IMDb Jamie Dornan.

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Anne Marie DeLuise mentions Jamie on Twitter

@50ShadesMovieFS: @amdeluise Gracias por seguir! Sabemos que no puedes compartir detalles de la pelicula en si, pero disfrutaste tu experiencia filmando FSOG?

@amdeluise: @50ShadesMovieFS Absolutamente! Dakota & Jamie fueron adorables para trabajar y el set era PRECIOSO!

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Bradley Cooper talks about The Fall & Jamie

 at 21:58

Bradley: Soy una gran. "The Fall". Has visto "The Fall"? 
Craig: No, no lo he visto.
Bradley: Si, tiene seis episodios. Ustedes chicos la conocen? Con Gillian Anderson y el chico de "Fifty Shades of Grey". Es increible.

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New Videos of Jamie and Dakota Inside Today Show Studio

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Friday, 25 July 2014

New Pictures + FanPictures of Jamie in NYC today - July 25

Nuevas Fotos + FanPictures de Jamie en NYC hoy - 25 de Julio.

New Picture of Jamie at "Frames New York" today - July 25

Nuevas Foto de Jamie en "Frames New York" hoy - 25 de Julio.

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Frames New York: "50 Shades of..Bowling? Jamie Dornan, or more popularly known as Christian Grey for his upcomg role in the feature film, was bowling at Frames New York this afternoon. Hunky even his white tee and jeans, he bowled a few rounds and once recognized, had to escape quickly from the hordes of female fans." 

Frames New York"50 Shades of...Bowling? Jamie Dornan, o más popularmente conocido como Christian Grey por su papel en la película, fue a jugar bolos en Frames Nueva York esta tarde. Hunky incluso su camiseta blanca y pantalones vaqueros, él rodó un par de rondas y una vez reconocido, tuvo que escapar rápidamente de las hordas de fans femeninas ".

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NEW Pictures Behind The Scenes from 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Nuevas Fotos BTS de "Fifty Shades of Grey".


E. L. James & Victor Rasuk mentions Jamie

E. L. James & Victor Rasuk mencionan a Jamie.

Victor Rasuk talks about Fifty Shades, too, since 5:02 - Victor Rasuk habla sobre Fifty Shades, tambien, desde el 5:02.

Victor Rasuk: "Jamie Dornan, who plays Christian Grey, he was awesome, too. And he was super nice to me even though in the book he doesn't like me. So it only shows his durability as an actor." "Jamie Dornan, quien interpreta a Christian Grey, él fue increible, tambien. Y él fue muy agradable conmigo, aunque en el libro no le agrado. Por lo tanto, sólo se muestra su durabilidad como actor."

Source | Youtube via The50ShadesWorld

E.L James 
Ustedes son geniales. Siempre. Gracias por el amor. Sólo tienen que saber... se necesita un pueblo o en este caso un equipo de producción impresionante.

erika sin su hermosa historia, esta película no te existiria. gracias :). Jamie y dakota son lo mejor

Ellos lo son. :) 

'Fifty Shades of Grey' BTS and Jamie and Dakota's Set Interview

Youtube Version

Another part of the Interview

Original Video

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

New Interview with Jamie & Dakota with M6 for "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Nueva Entrevista con Jamie & Dakota en French TV por "Fifty Shades of Grey".

Jamie: We obviously wish that the fans of the books will be fans of the movie as well.
Dakota: I think they will like it.
Jamie: We tried to be close to the characters in the book. And we created the characters how the fans wanted them to be.
Dakota: Both of these people have shortcomings, and…
Jamie: And failures...
Dakota: …and secrets.

Jamie: Nosotros, obviamente, queremos que los fans de los libros serán fans de la película también. 
Dakota: Creo que les va a gustar. 
Jamie: Tratamos de estar cerca de los personajes en el libro. Y hemos creado los personajes cómo los fans querían que fueran.
Dakota: Ambas personas tienen defectos, y ... 
Jamie: Y  fracasos ... 
Dakota: ... y secretos.


Jamie Confirmed for 'Adam Jones'!

Jamie confirmado para "Adam Jones"!

THR - The Weinstein Co. recently changed the name of the film, which also stars Sienna Miller, Daniel Bruhl and Emma Thompson, from "Chef."

Uma Thurman has signed on to join Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller in The Weinstein Co.'s Adam Jones, which just kicked off principal photography.

The film, which was originally titled Chef, follows a rock-star chef (Cooper) who is known for his wild style and creating explosions of taste. Hoping to land his own kitchen and that elusive third Michelin star, he’ll need the best of the best on his side, including the beautiful Helene (Miller).

Daniel Bruhl, Riccardo Scamarcio, Emma Thompson, Lily James, Omar Sy, Jamie Dornan, Sam Keeley, Sarah Greene and Alicia Vikander also star.

The film, directed by John Wells, will spend two days shooting in New Orleans before continuing in London from July 27 to September 26.

Stacy Sher, Michael Shamberg and Erwin Stoff are producing the project, and Dylan Sellers, Julie Rapaport and Negeen Yazdi are overseeing production for The Weinstein Co.


New Picture of Jamie at Vanity Fair Office today - July 24th

Nueva Foto de Jamie en la Oficina de Vanity Fair hoy - 24 de Julio.

VanityFair: "Mr. Grey came to see us! Thrilled #FiftyShades star Jamie Dornan could stop by the VF office amid all the trailer excitement." "Mr Grey vino a vernos! Emocionado de que la estrella de #FiftyShades  Jamie Dornan pudo pasar por la oficina de FV en medio de toda la emoción del Trailer."

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"Fifty Shades of Grey" Official Trailer!

Trailer Oficial de "Fifty Shades of Grey".



Screencaps - Thanks to JDornanLife :)

Jamie & Dakota Johnson in "Today Show" in NYC - July 24th

Jamie & Dakota Johnson en "Today Show" en NYC - 24 de Julio.

All the information about, HERE.

Video Interview

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 200 HQ SCREENCAPS HERE [Thanks to JDornanLife.]


Video from Outside

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A special Message from Jamie & Dakota for "Fifty Shades of Grey" on "Mais Você", a Brazilian TV show!

Un mensaje especial de Jamie & Dakota por "Fifty Shades of Grey" en "Mais Você", un TV Show Basileño.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Jamie is #8 on Heat Magazine's "Hot Hunks" Poll

Jamie es el #8 en la Encuesta "Hot Hunks" de la revista Heat.

Belfast Telegraph - Hollywood star Zac Efron has been named the 'hottest hunk' of 2014 – ousting Tom Daley, who took top spot in the Heat magazine poll last year.

The highest new entry in the annual list is Northern Ireland actor Jamie Dornan in eighth place, who will be seen starring in the screen adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey next year.

Dornan shot to fame after his role as a serial killer in TV series The Fall with former X Files actress Gillian Anderson. It was filmed in Northern Ireland.


Belfast Telegraph - La estrella de Hollywood, Zac Efron ha sido nombrado el "Hot Hunks" de 2014 - Tom Daley fuera, que asumió el primer lugar en la encuesta de la revista Heat el año pasado. 

La nueva entrada más alta en la lista anual es del actor de Irlanda del Norte, Jamie Dornan en la octava posición, que será visto protagonizar la adaptación cinematográfica de Fifty Shades Of Grey el próximo año. 

Dornan saltó a la fama después de su papel como un asesino en serie en la serie de televisión The Fall con la ex actriz de X Files, Gillian Anderson. Fue filmada en Irlanda del Norte. 

The Hottest Hunks top 10 (with last year's positions in brackets):

1. (4) Zac Efron
2. (1) Tom Daley
3. (3) David Beckham
4. (25) Harry Judd
5. (33) Leonardo DiCaprio
6. (12) Bradley Cooper
7. (11) Gary Barlow
8. (-) Jamie Dornan
9. (5) Ryan Gosling
10. (63) Henry Cavill

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First Radio Spot from 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Primero Radio Spot de "Fifty Shades of Grey".

Download the audio file HERE
Descarga el audio AQUÍ

Monday, 21 July 2014

Charlie Hunnam Talks About 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and Jamie

Charlie Hunnam habla sobre 'Fifty Shades of Grey' & Jamie.

Huffington Post - The first trailer for the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie will be released this week and the original Christian Grey, Charlie Hunnam, says he can't wait for the finished product.

Speaking Sunday at a Fox event as part of the Television Critics Association press tour, the 34-year-old actor said he still believes in the film although he's no longer a part of it.

"I'm just really excited to see it. I was just really, really invested and wanted to work with (director) Sam (Taylor-Johnson) and play that character. I'm really, really curious."

Hunnam went on to say it's not fair to dismiss author E.L. James' writing as so-called "mommy porn."

"I think people really do that book a disservice when they reduce it to that type of talk," he said. "What (E.L. James) actually created is a really sophisticated dynamic and presented it in a package which was accessible to people who normally would be terrified of that subject ... Actually what she did was pretty brilliant."

The "Sons of Anarchy" actor dropped out of the big-screen adaptation one month after it was announced he had landed the role of the billionaire Grey, a sexual "dominant" with major baggage who falls for an innocent college coed (played by Dakota Johnson.)

Universal Pictures and Focus Features said Hunnam's preparation time for the movie was limited by his TV schedule. He was replaced shortly after by actor Jamie Dornan.

Hunnam admits walking away from the part was "pretty heartbreaking."

Chris Corrigan Mentions Jamie on Twitter

Chris Corrigan menciona a Jamie en Twitter. 
@percucita: por cierto, estamos todos locos en este momento, ya que acaba de salir un adelanto del trailer de #FiftyShades... ajjajajaa

@ChrisChristofra: @percucita: Jamie me dijo que tuvo un gran tiempo en el rodaje de la película, pero bastante cansador como él fue directamente The Fall pronto despues. hombre de trabajo duro.

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Universal Launches 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Internship Program Application

Universal lanza 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Solicitud del Programa de Pasantías.

Application is only available on iTunes for now.
Download Fifty Shades by NBC Universal, Inc. on iTunes
You can also join Internship Program on Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

La aplicacción esta solo disponibl en iTunes por ahora.
Descargar Fifty Shades por NBC Universal, Inc. en iTunes
Puedes tambien unirte al Programa de Pasantias en Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

Description - Descripción
The Fifty Shades of Grey Internship Program app takes you into the pristine halls of Grey Enterprises Holdings—and deep into the world of its secretive CEO.

El aplicacion de Programa de Pasantías de Fifty Shades te lleva por los pasillos prístinas de Grey Enterprises Holdings-y profundo en el mundo de su CEO reservado.

Category: Entertainment
Released: Jul 21, 2014
Version: 1.1.4
Size: 20.6 MB
Language: English

Categoria: Entretenimiento
Lanzamiento: Julio 21, 2014
Versión: 1.1.4
Tamaño: 20.6 MB
Lenguaje: Inglés


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New/Old Fan Pictures of Jamie

Nueva/Viejas Fotos Fans de Jamie.

2013 -"Fifty Shades of Grey" Set. December 19, 2013.

2014 - Private Dinner

2013 FanPic | 2014 FanPics: Via Via

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Teaser Trailer from "'Fifty Shades of Grey" Trailer! [Extended Version]

Extended Version


Video | Screencaps


New/Old Fan Picture of Jamie + Fan Account [December 21, 2012]

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Amapola-Blanca (December 22, 2012) - End of the world did not take place, but express trains to Heathrow yesterday, however, did not work because of an accident on the line, causing me to have sent to the taxi rank, suggesting share a cab with someone who is also necessary at the airport, well I went and the fairest Jamie Dornan from the series "Once Upon A Time" (we called it "Once In A Fairytale" seems) approached me! And we drove 45 minutes with him and his bride to Heathrow and chatted. He said that he was in Moscow at the Champions League final in 2008, because he is a big fan of Mancester United, and he went to Rome next year, but they refused to put him on a flight at Gatwick because his passport was with the damaged photograph, and then he went to an Internet cafe, booked business class British Airways and went to Heathrow airport. There he was put on a flight. I told them that I went to American Idiot musical in London, to which he replied that he went to the auditions in America 5 years ago, when musical was just beginning, but he didn't get the role. And he and his girlfriend also love The Killers: D I discussed Harry Potter with his girlfriend and we both agreed on the fact that the books are more cooler. And then we talked about Boxing Day (the day after Christmas on December 26) and I asked why it is called so and his girl even went on her own phone and read that in olden times some rich people gave servants the Christmas boxes with money or gifts.

Spletnik (November 24, 2013) Looking at the growing popularity of Jamie Dornan for gossipers, I decided to share this story. Last year I was in London on the way back I had bought a ticket to the Heathrow Express, come to the station Paddington, but there I got a bad surprise: because of an accident the train line didn't work. Station employee advised to try to share the taxi with someone. 

Rumor: Jamie was Casting for 'Adam Jones' Movie

The Tracking Board - Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl, Jamie Dornan, Lily James and Alicia Vikander have all joined the cast of John Wells’ ADAM JONES. 

Previously titled, “Chef,” the comedy centers on a chef who loses his highly-rated restaurant in France and tries to mount a comeback in London by re-assembling his team. The newbies join Bradley Cooper, Omar Sy, Sam Keeley, and Sienna Miller. Casting details are being kept quiet for now, but this will be Dornan’s next feature after he wraps “Fifty Shades of Grey.”


Dornan doesn’t have too many credits to his name yet – he had a small role in “Marie Antoinette” and appeared in a few episodes of “Once Upon a Time” – but if you don’t know his name now, you soon will. Dornan beat out loads of other Hollywood hunks, nabbing the starring role of Christan Grey in Focus Features’ “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Dornan is repped by UTA and United Agents in the UK.