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New Pictures of Jamie arriving in Vancouver, Canada yesterday - October 11

Nuevas Fotos de Jamie llegando a Vancouver, Canada ayer - 11 de Octubre.

New Fan Pictures of Jamie from Alfred Dunhill Links Championship

Nuevas Fotos Fans de Jamie en Alfred Dunhill Links Championship.

October 3rd

October 4th

Gillian Anderson mentions Jamie and "The Fall" on Reddit AMA

Gillian Anderson menciona a Jamie y "The Fall" en Reddit AMA.

How was it like shooting The Fall with Jamie Dornan? Did anything change after it was anounced he will take the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey? (I hope you teased him properly for that!)

Gillian Anderson: The only thing that changed was people's desire to talk about him. Whereas before it was "who"? afterwards it was "That guy! That guy in 50 shades!" Before he'd even shot it. Very funny.

You appeared in many brilliant TV shows, but the one I'm looking forward to the most is definitely The Fall. The show was mesmerising in it's first season and we waited for quite a long time, should I be afraid my expectations of season 2 are too high?

Gillian Anderson: Definitely not. Season 2 is better than season 1, even. I promise.

Massive fan here, and I just wanted to say I really enjoyed watching The Fall last year, you were just perfect for the role. Just two questions: 1) What's the most fun day you've ever had while on set (of any movie or series)? (...)

Gillian Anderson: 1) Hmph...I think probably the set of The Fall. It's a small crew, and a quiet crew. The show is handled with care and respect, and that comes from the top all the way down. Also playing: I really enjoy living in Stella's shoes. (...)

¿Cómo fue grabar The Fall con Jamie Dornan? ¿Cambió algo después de que fuera anunciado que él tomaría el papel principal en Fifty Shades of Grey? (Espero que se burlaban de él adecuadamente para eso!) 

Gillian Anderson: Lo único que cambió fue el deseo de la gente para hablar de él. Mientras que antes era "quién"? después que era "Ese tipo! Ese tipo en 50 Sombras!" Antes de que él había incluso grabado. Muy divertido. 

Usted apareció en muchos programas de televisión brillantes, pero el que yo estoy deseando que llegue la mayoría es sin duda The Fall. El espectáculo fue cautivante en su primera temporada y esperamos desde hace mucho tiempo, habría de tener miedo de que mis expectativas de la temporada 2 son demasiado altos? 

Gillian Anderson: Definitivamente no. La Temporada 2 es mejor que la temporada 1, incluso. Lo prometo. 

Fan Massive aquí, y yo sólo quería decir que realmente disfruté viendo The Fall elaño pasado, usted fue simplemente perfecta para el papel. A sólo dos preguntas: 1) ¿Cuál es el día más divertido que ha tenido mientras en el set (de cualquier película o serie)? (...) 

Gillian Anderson: 1) Hmph ... creo que probablemente el set de The Fall. Es un pequeño equipo, y un equipo tranquilo. El show se maneja con cuidado y respeto, y proviene de la parte superior hasta el fondo. También interpretando: Me gusta mucho vivir en los zapatos de Stella. (...)

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Outtakes of Jamie from "Interview Magazine" Photoshoot now Bigger

Outtakes de Jamie desde "Interview Magazine" Photoshoot ahora mas grandes.


New/Old Picture of Jamie and Amelia from 2010

Nueva/Vieja foto de Jamie & Amelia desde 2010.

[via loving_millie IG | @ShadesUpdates]

New Fan Picture of Jamie from yesterday - October 11

Nueva Foto Fan de Jamie ayer - 11 de Octubre.

New BTS Picture of Jamie and Gillian Anderson from Telegraph Magazine Photoshoot

Nueva Foto BTS de Jamie & Gillian Anderson desde el Photoshoot de Telegraph Magazine.

New/Old Fan Picture of Jamie - April 2013

Nueva/Vieja FotoFan de Jamie - Abril 2013.

Gillian Anderson talks about "The Fall" Season 2 and Jamie

Gillian Anderson habla sobre "The Fall" Season 2 & Jamie.

Season two of The Fall is currently airing in England. What are you allowed to tell us about it?

Gillian Anderson: I’m not allowed to tell you much. The story evolves considerably, and is even more provocative and disturbing in the right way than the first. I was very excited and grateful that the second season topped even our first season in terms of what takes part in the scripts. [The show's creator] Allan Cubitt directed it, and I think he has done an extraordinary job. I can tell you that much.

When it first debuted, was there any controversy in casting Jamie Dornan as the serial killer? He’s so attractive, it really plays with you as a viewer. You are attracted to him and repelled by him at the same time.

Gillian Anderson: Exactly. The initial intention was not to hire somebody who was that attractive. However, it was clear that he was very much the man for the job. It didn’t have anything to do with his good looks, although in the process we realized what that would do psychologically to the viewer. There was something intriguing about that, most definitely.

Jamie is also starring in the film Fifty Shades of Grey. When that comes out in February, he will become globally famous on a crazy level. Have you given him any advice about how to handle growing fame?

Gillian Anderson: Jamie is one of the most grounded people I know. He has a really good head on his shoulders. He has a wonderful relationship with his family and friends. He has a really lovely wife and a lovely family life with his new baby. He’s got it all in perspective, and has a very appropriate and right-sized take on all of this. I don’t think he needs any advice.

La segunda temporada de The Fall se emite actualmente en Inglaterra. Que se le permite a decirnos al respecto? 

Gillian Anderson: Yo no estoy autorizada a decir mucho. La historia se desarrolla considerablemente, y es aún más provocadora e inquietante de la manera correcta a la primera. Yo estaba muy emocionada y agradecida de que la segunda temporada superó incluso nuestra primera temporada en términos de lo que toma parte en las secuencias de comandos. [Creador del show] Allan Cubitt lo dirigió, y creo que ha hecho un trabajo extraordinario. Les puedo decir que mucho. 

David Gandy talks about Jamie

David Gandy habla sobre Jamie.

(...) Alas, David refused the Grey offer. On revelation of the snub, he was quoted saying, "I was asked to go it, but said, 'no'. I thought it was very badly written."

It eventually went to Jamie Dornan, an agreeably incredibly handsome alternative.

Today, perched in a quiet corner of a Mayfair pub at lunchtime, while London's city boys and girls natter and clink in the background, Gandy's now taking a different stance on the rejection.

"Firstly, I appreciated the book…"

Now there's a turnaround. "I read bits of it and whatever critics say," he clutches, "it's incredibly popular with immense power.

"Jamie's a great actor and he'll do the part real justice. It'll be seen by millions and he'll land a number of films from that.

"Difference is, he's been pursuing this. He did the BBC series, [The Fall].

"It's something that Jamie wants and I'm a lot shyer than him. He's a musician, he's gone out with very famous women. Movie stars. He's much more comfortable in that, whereas I'm much more secretive.

"Fifty Shades is going to send him into the stratosphere and I still like to be able to go about my day."

(...) ¡Ay, David rechazó la oferta Grey. En la revelación del desaire, fue citado diciendo: "Se me pidió que vaya por él, per dije: 'no'. Pensé que estaba muy mal escrito." 

Con el tiempo se fue a Jamie Dornan, una alternativa agradablemente increíblemente guapo. 

Bronagh Waugh mentions Jamie

Bronagh Waugh menciona a Jamie.

Bronagh will appear on screens next month in The Fall as the wife of serial killer Paul Spector, played by Jamie Dornan, 32.

“We attracted hundreds of people when we were filming outside scenes,” laughed Bronagh.

“And the hysteria around Jamie was just insane.

“My character makes minimal effort and being next to a man deemed one of the sexiest on the planet with no make-up on is not great.”

Bronagh aparecerá en las pantallas el próximo mes en The Fall como la esposa del asesino en serie Paul Spector, interpretado por Jamie Dornan, 32. 

"Hemos atraído a cientos de personas cuando estábamos filmando escenas exteriores," rió Bronagh. 

"Y la histeria en torno a Jamie era una locura." 

"Mi personaje hace el mínimo esfuerzo y estar al lado de un hombre considerado uno de los más sexy del planeta sin maquillaje en el no es genial."

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Actress Tara Lee talks about working with Jamie in "The Fall"

Actress Tara Lee habla sobre trabajar con Jamie en "The Fall".

The actress recently filmed scenes with Jamie Dornan for BBC drama.

“The Fall was an incredible experience. Alan and Julien (director and producer) were so sweet and chilled out. But they meant business too,” she said.

“I had one scene with Jamie and he’s absolutely lovely.”

La actriz recientemente filmó escenas con Jamie Dornan para el drama de la BBC. 

"The Fall fue una experiencia increíble. Alan y Julien (director y productor) fueron tan dulce y relajados. Pero ellos hablaban en serio también ", dijo. 

"Tuve una escena con Jamie y él es absolutamente encantador."

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Jamie supports "Unite Against Cancer"

Jamie apoya a "Unite Against Cancer".
@JamieDornan Mostrando su apoyo llevando una de nuestras pulseras! #uniteagainstcancer #DunhillLinks # 2014

Cropped Picture - Foto Recortada


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Jamie attends at Alfred Dunhill Links Pro-Am Championship Golf Party - October 4

Jamie asiste a Alfred Dunhill Links Pro-Am Championship Golf Party - 4 de Octubre.

Jamie at Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in Scotland - October 4

Jamie en el Alfred Dunhill Links Championship en Scotland - 4 de Octubre.

Jamie and Dakota Johnson will be in Vancouver to re-shoot FSOG Scenes!

Jamie & Dakota Johnson estarán en Vancouver para re-grabacions de Escenas de "FSOG".

Jamie and Dakota Johnson will be in Vancouver to re-shoot FSOG Scenes. Shooting starts on October, 13! Was told they have to at least reshoot a jogging scene and a little bit of studio. After that, Jamie starts filming 'The 9th Life of Louis Drax' Jamie y Dakota Johnson estarán en Vancouver para volver a rodar escenas FSOG. La toma comienza en octubre 13! Me dijeron que tienen por lo menos a filmar una escena de jogging y un poco de estudio. Después de eso, Jamie comienza el rodaje de 'La novena vida de Louis Drax'

Corrección! Una semana de re-grabaciones de #FSOG a partir del 13 de octubre en Vancouver #yvrshootsolv #FiftyShades
Así que esto significa Jamie Dornan estará en la ciudad, probablemente, los días próximos (si no está aquí ya) y #FSOG película luego 9th Life of Louie Drax

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Jamie at Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in Scotland today - October 2

Jamie en Alfred Dunhill Links Championship en Escocia hoy - 2 de Octubre.

New Interview of Jamie with Daily Record + Bill Murray talks about Jamie

Nueva Entrevista de Jamie con Daily Record + Bill Murray habla sobre Jamie.

FIFTY Shades Of Grey Star Jamie Dornan might be giving ladies around the world hot flushes but the strapping actor used to be found sweating it out on the dancefloor of a Scots nightclub.

Jamie, who plays erotic billionaire Christian Grey in the forthcoming movie of the best selling book, was in Scotland to play the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship and revealed that he used to be a regular at The Glasgow Garage club and student unions.

Coming off the 18th hole at Carnoustie he said: "I've done my time in Scotland. I spent a lot of time here with student friends. They were all in Glasgow so I had many a fun night in Glasgow. It's been a while now, probably about ten years ago, but we'd go to The Garage. That was one of the clubs and the students union was always a big one. I doubt I was a hit with the Scottish ladies."

Jamie, whose wife Amelia Warner gave birth to their first child in December, wasn't enamoured with his play on the course, despite his film character's reputation for er, swinging.

After joking we'd heard he was good at the sport he replied: "Who did you hear that from? This is my first time playing golf here and it's tricky out there. I'm hoping it's going to get easier but the rain is coming tomorrow so I doubt that. I was here in 1999 when Jean van Delvelde was having fun in the burn there and Paul Laurie took it home. I was 17 years old and stood here on the 18th green watching all this happen."

Scan: Jamie in "Telegraph Belfast" Newspaper

Scan: Jamie en el Diario "Thelegrah Belfast".

NEW Photoshoot & Interview of Jamie in British Vogue Magazine

Nuevo Photoshoot & Entrevista Jamie en Vogue UK Magazine.


HQ Scans


Interview [Transcription by JDornanLife]

Pronto tendran la traducción en Español.


If his portrayal of a serial killer in The Fall failed to dislodge Jamie Dornan from his place in women’s hearts, how will he fare as the star of the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey? He talks to Charlotte Sinclair.

A fortnight before I’m due to interview the actor Jamie Dornan, the emails begin to ping into my inbox. “Oh my God. Can I come and watch?” says one. “He’s the most handsome man on the planet,” says another. The most succinct message reads:“Lucky bitch.”

This is not standard practice. Not is the arrival, on the day itself, of serval more Vogue editors than are officially required to“observe” the shoot. The focus of all this lust is a rather unassuming presence. Dornan turns up in jeans and T-shirt, unshaven and quiet, politely shaking hands with each member of the crew. His fame is slighter, morecompact than one might imagine, especially if you’re basing your knowledge of Dornan on his excellent work as the body of Calvin Klein underwear. His face is set with delicate features and dark eyes, and he is boyish, not burly, though the impression is underminded by his deep Belfast accent and the pensive, watchful mood that he seems to inhabit like his very own cloud. Though he could just be tired.

He is, of course, extremely beautiful; you can’t help but stare. At the photographer’s request he lies down in a patch of long summer grass and frowns. It is a patented Dornan expression, a brow-puckered gaze that implies depth to all that surface beauty, a look familiar to anyone who saw his work in campaigns for Dior and Armani. Before he quit the fashion industry a few years ago, that frown made Dornan one of the most successful male models on record.

But this is not why we’re here – as Dornan is at pains to emphasise, giving short shrift to the suggestion of a Vogue editor that he might, perhaps, peel off his top? Last year Dornan surprised everyone – not least himself – by being cast as the lead in the hit BBC Series The Fall as Paul Spector, a bereavement counsellor, husband and father, who spends his evenings creeping into Belfast bedrooms and murdering defenceless women, a role he reprises for the show’s second season, debuting this month. As Spector, Dornan is the sleekest predator imaginable, all honed muscle tone and knicker-sniffing depravity, and the perfect foil to Gillian Anderson’s superbly alluring whip-smart detective Stella Gibson. For Dornan, it was a career-defining role, delivering him a Bafta nomination – and into the big time. Earlier this year he was cast as Christian Grey, in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.“The Fall changed by life – that’s not an overstatement,” he says.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

New Pictures & Videos of Jamie in Scotland today - October 1

Nueva Foto de Jamie hoy en Escocia -  1 de Octubre.

Sarah Gadon talks about Jamie

Sarah Gadon habla sobre Jamie.

Sarah Gadon: "I am really excited to work with him. He seems a wonderful actor." "Estoy muy emocionada de trabajar con él. Él parece un actor maravilloso." 

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Q&A of Jamie in OK! UK Magazine about "The Fall" Season 2!

Q&A de Jamie en OK! Magazine sobre la segunda temporada de "The Fall".

HQ Tagged Scans

Transcription by JDornanLife.


'I carry elements of him... I would scare myself'

Jamie Dornan tells OK!'s Lizzy Price about carrying anger around, filmin in his homwtown and taking on Hollywood

Jamie Dornan has a lot to thank The Fall for. The Northern Irish star turned his back on modelling and cut his teeth playing Paul Spector in the TV series last year -a brooding counsellor and family man with a sideline in pervesely murdering brunettes. The drama turned out to be an over night hit, becoming the highest-rated BBC2 drama in 20 years, and landed Jamie the most talked-about role of the year -dapper businessman and S&M enthusiart Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey.

"Of course, this job has totally transformed my professional horizons," he laughs at a preview of The Fall's second season, though he's forbidden to talk about Fifty Shades. The Fall - which also stars Gillian Anderson as DSI Stella Gibson - stars with Paul hiding in a Scottish bolthole, plotting his next atrocity as his last would-be victim tries to recall events back in Belfast.

Gillian Anderson talks about "The Fall" and Jamie

Gillian Anderson habla sobre "The Fall" & Jamie.

Her character DCI Stella Gibson isn’t so quick to schedule time off from her hunt for serial killer Paul Spector, but the former X Files star often finds similarities between herself and the detective.

“There are aspects of Stella that I’m familiar with in my own personality. I feel I’ve been able to make peace with myself more because she’s so unapologetic about the island that she is. ‘Yeah [I am a solitary person], I mean my [romantic] partners have consistently said, “You live this life I have no idea about. The idea of saying [to them], “I’m thinking about doing this film, let’s talk about what it means for our life… It’s challenging for me. It’s not my first instinct. My first instinct is to decide, “Can I do this? Yes I can.””

Thankfully her co-star, Jamie Dornan – who plays serial killer Paul Spector – isn’t very similar to his character. The “funny” actor turned model was practically unheard of before starring in the drama and now he is the topic of most conversations.

She said: “I’ve been surprised at how funny he is… He’s very, very funny and good at telling stories. He’s a good mimic as well. He’s a lovely young lad. On the first series, people were like, “Who is this guy? Is he an ex-model or something?”Now people don’t ever want to talk to me about The X-Files. They only want to ask about Jamie Dornan.”

Su personaje de DCI Stella Gibson no es tan rápido para programar el tiempo libre de su caza del asesino en serie Paul Spector, pero la ex estrella de X Files menudo encuentra similitudes entre ella y la detective.

"Hay aspectos de Stella que estoy familiarizada con mi propia personalidad. Siento que he sido capaz de hacer la paz conmigo mismo más porque ella es tan disculpada por la isla que ella es. 'Sí [Yo soy una persona solitaria], me refiero a mi [románticas] socios han dicho constantemente, "Usted vivir esta vida no tengo idea como. La idea de decirles [a ellos], "Estoy pensando en hacer esta película, vamos a hablar de lo que significa para nuestra vida... Es un reto para mí. No es mi primer instinto. Mi primer instinto es decidir, "¿Puedo hacer esto? Yo sí puedo "."

Afortunadamente su co-estrella, Jamie Dornan - que interpreta al  asesino en serie Paul Spector - no es muy similar a su personaje. El actor "divertido" se volvió modelo era prácticamente desconocido antes de protagonizar el drama y ahora él es el tema de la mayoría de las conversaciones.

Ella dijo: "Me ha sorprendido en lo divertido que es... Es muy, muy divertido y bueno para contar historias. Él es un buen imitador también. Es un chico joven encantador. En la primera serie, la gente estaba como, "¿Quién es este tipo? ¿Es un ex-modelo o algo así? "Ahora la gente no quiere volver a hablar conmigo acerca de The X-Files. Sólo quieren preguntarme sobre Jamie Dornan".

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New Poster & BTS Picture from "Fifty Shades of Grey"!

Nuevo Poster & Foto BTS de "Fifty Shades of Grey"!



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