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New/Old Fan Picture of Jamie + Fan Account [December 21, 2012]

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Amapola-Blanca (December 22, 2012) - End of the world did not take place, but express trains to Heathrow yesterday, however, did not work because of an accident on the line, causing me to have sent to the taxi rank, suggesting share a cab with someone who is also necessary at the airport, well I went and the fairest Jamie Dornan from the series "Once Upon A Time" (we called it "Once In A Fairytale" seems) approached me! And we drove 45 minutes with him and his bride to Heathrow and chatted. He said that he was in Moscow at the Champions League final in 2008, because he is a big fan of Mancester United, and he went to Rome next year, but they refused to put him on a flight at Gatwick because his passport was with the damaged photograph, and then he went to an Internet cafe, booked business class British Airways and went to Heathrow airport. There he was put on a flight. I told them that I went to American Idiot musical in London, to which he replied that he went to the auditions in America 5 years ago, when musical was just beginning, but he didn't get the role. And he and his girlfriend also love The Killers: D I discussed Harry Potter with his girlfriend and we both agreed on the fact that the books are more cooler. And then we talked about Boxing Day (the day after Christmas on December 26) and I asked why it is called so and his girl even went on her own phone and read that in olden times some rich people gave servants the Christmas boxes with money or gifts.

Spletnik (November 24, 2013) Looking at the growing popularity of Jamie Dornan for gossipers, I decided to share this story. Last year I was in London on the way back I had bought a ticket to the Heathrow Express, come to the station Paddington, but there I got a bad surprise: because of an accident the train line didn't work. Station employee advised to try to share the taxi with someone. 

Ok, imagining how many people would storm to the taxi parking area. But no people was found on the spot for some reason. Decided to wait for someone, good margin of time I had. And just after a couple of minutes there were a boy and a girl, and they need to go to Heathrow, too. Taxi driver asked: "Do you mind share the taxi with this miss?" They shrugged, like, no, no problems. We got in the taxi, and then I realized that I know this person! And I really knew that person, because I watched the show "Once Upon A Time" with Jamie and I liked! But because of the excitement I forgot his name and asked: "Do you happen to be an actor from Once Upon A Time?" He was like, "Yeah, my name is Jamie" Jamie and his fiancee at the time (and now wife) Amelia, who introduced herself as Millie, were very nice, although a little nervous because they were afraid to miss the plane. They flew to Belfast for Christmas to spend it with Jamie's family. He was a little aloof, but Amelia was very friendly and nice, but in general they look very good together. Hearing that I'm from Moscow, Jamie told me that he was in Moscow for the Champions League final in 2008, because he is a big fan of Manchester United. And said that after Moscow Manchester United reached the final again and he went to Rome to cheer for them. But at Gatwick, where he was scheduled to fly EasyJet type they find fault with his passport in which the photo was slightly ruptured. Then he found a computer with Internet connection at Gatwick, quickly booked business class flight of British Airways and went to Heathrow airport. He thought that no one would pick damaged photograph in the passport of the passenger business class. And he was right: he could fly off to Rome. I also mentioned that in London I went to the Broadway musical American Idiot, song by the group Green Day, Jamie said that five years ago he went to the audition in New York (Jamie also sings a little), but didn't get the role. We talked about music and movies and London for 40 minutes, while we were driving through London traffic jams to Heathrow airport. They left the taxi first (I needed to go to another terminal). Jamie had paid the taxi driver 60 pounds that was the price of our road. And then I paid 24 pounds, which cost the road from one terminal to another (imagine what sort of distance?). That's the story. The photo was taken by me in the taxi.

Via + Translation: JDornanLife

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